After Rahul Gandhi’s UC Berkeley speech, V-P Naidu says ‘dynasty is nasty but tasty to some people’

A few days after the speech Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi at UC Berkeley where the debate dragged on the “dynasty” said President Venkaiah Naidu deputy Saturday that dynasty and democracy can not go together. In a statement to the ANI news agency, Naidu said: “The dynasty is bad but tasty for some.”

The vice president, however, made it clear to take names. “I’m not talking about a party or a person,” I added. Naidu’s statements come a few days after Rahul Gandhi spoke of dynastic politics in a speech at the University of Berkeley, where he said: “Most parts of India have this problem. Just do not give us a stick because Akhilesh Yadav is a dynast.Stalin is a dynast. (Prem Kumar) Dhumal is a dynast, even Abhishek Bachchan is a dynast. This is how India works.

He added: “But in saying that, I try to solve the problem in Congress. If we look at Congress, there are many people who are not from the dynastic families that I can name in each state …” I added that the real question is the person is really capable. “The person is a sensitive person. This is the question.” A certain degree of arrogance slid into Congress in 2012, put an end to the culture of conversation: Rahul Gandhi at UC Berkeley

BJP president Amit Shah also criticized the congressional leader for his statement on dynastic politics when he said his party had eliminated India’s dynastic policy and introduced the performance policy. “We do not believe in politics of appeasement, which is the policy of votebank We have eliminated the dynastic policies of India We believe in politics of action” Read also: … BJP has eliminated the dynastic policies of India, said the president of the BJP Amit Shah
Shah added that the Modi government has demonstrated political will over the past three years to make decisions unlike the previous Congress-led government that had suffered from political paralysis.