Alwar lynching: Rajasthan civil society decries clean chit to 6 named by Pehlu Khan

Several civil society organizations in Rajasthan reacted strongly to the clean chit given to six people who had been appointed by the milk producer Haryana Pehlu Khan before he died of injuries cow vigilantes attack in Alwar.

Organizations in an open letter to Prime Minister Vasundhara Raje on Friday protested against the police’s decision to acquit them of six criminal charges and also demanded the closure of the cow-smuggling case against the Khan family and others.

The CID-CB of the Rajasthan police in their investigation of the matter lynnage Alwar revealed to them that six persons named in the statement of Khan give to the hospital UCI were not involved in the attack.

Police closed the cases against these men based on their record of appeals and testimony from workers at a cow shelter, HT said Thursday.

Khan, 55, was attacked by suspected vacheurs April 1 in Behror, Alwar, on the Jaipur-Delhi National Highway, while he and five others were transporting cattle bought at a weekly market in Jaipur his village in Nuh, Haryana.

Probe closed against men named by the victim of Alwar lynchere: Check the day
In the open letter to the CM, the organizations said that it gives a clean chit to the six men that the Rajasthan government and police have demonstrated that they spared violence from the war untied by the vigil.

“It is now clear that the investigation was transferred from the district police to the ICD-CB only to save these men accused of Khan’s murder,” the letter said.

The clean chit given to the six also generated much political heat in the state that mass violence aimed primarily at Muslims in the name of protecting cows, considered sacred by most Hindus, he pushed the country ever since the BJP came to power in the Center in 2014.

Criticizing the Rajasthan Police movement, Congress stated that it would take the case of the murderer Pehlu Khan to the Supreme Court, hearing of the PIL GIL Raksha in September.
The organizations also took a serious exception to the previous observation of Minister Gulan Chand Kataria in the state that Khan was not a producer of dairy products but a cow smuggler.

“His government has been insensitive to Pehlu Khan”, said activists of civil society, adding, “Instead of condemning the heinous crime of murder by leftists, he (Interior Minister) has greeted and added that no they must “take the law into their own hands.”

In the given scenario, they said, it was doubtful whether the probe in the case was impartial.

The open letter also notes that while the defendant’s alleged murder is off the probe, the “false cow-smuggling cases” against Khan, his son and others (FIR No. 252/2017 and 253/2017 at the station Behror police) are always activated. Khan and others had valid livestock purchase documents, he added.

“Six men named by Khan and were removed from the charges against nine others are so low that most of them have already taken the deposit,” said Bhanwar Meghwanshi, Dalit activist who signed the letter.

Kavita Srivastav of the Popular Civil Liberties Union (PUCL) said the organization will provide legal assistance to the son of Azmat Khan and Rafique to challenge the results of the court on duty.

“It was surprising that although the Supreme Court has taken a strong stand on people’s violence in the name of protecting cows and has sought action against such vigilantes, the Government seems to have decided not to take action against hate-sending organizations and engage in violence especially against Muslims, “the letter said.

Citing an article written by Raje in an English newspaper on July 27, there is a mismatch between what she wrote about the violence of the crowd and her intention and political will.

“If you really want to send a strong message against the lynching of the crowd, take action against the murderers of Khan and Zafar Khan (from Prataprgarh) instead of cleaning the crocodile tears in newspaper articles,” he wrote activists.

Pratapgarh municipal employees beat Zafar Khan for allegedly trying to avoid scaring women outdoors and taking their pictures earlier this year.